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WTS - Plano, DFW - Colt .45acp 1911 CCG - Talo Edition

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:47 pm
by AndyC
Apparently only 1,400 were made - this serial is in the late 1,300. CCG = Concealed Carry Gov't

* Plain Novak rear sight, fiber-optic front
* Beavertail grip-safety
* Skeletonized hammer
* National Match barrel
* Slimline grips
* Undercut trigger-guard
* Extended single-side thumb-safety
* 1x 8-shot magazine which came with the pistol


With Harrison trigger installed:

Work done:
* This is a Series 80 pistol - temporarily converted to Series 70 (yanked out the FP-safety parts) but can be easily converted back.
* Medium-length "Extreme Service" Harrison trigger currently fitted - original long trigger can be reinstalled.
* Wilson checkered (slip-on) front-strap added.
* Sear lightly polished.

Lovely accurate pistol but I just plain don't shoot it - less than 400 rounds down the pipe. Paid $1,200 - will take $1k.

Test-fire - sure, just bring your own factory ammo. Texas DL only.