Academy 6/10-19/18. Taurus 605,bronze; 3 Smith's in .380, 9MM, .40.

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Academy 6/10-19/18. Taurus 605,bronze; 3 Smith's in .380, 9MM, .40.


Post by surprise_i'm_armed » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:01 pm

The following 4 handguns for sale are in the Academy Sports and Outdoors ad, and are valid
for the week of June 10-19, 2018. There is 1 revolver and 3 Smith and Wesson pistols.

Taurus 605, .357/.38 Special, 5 rounds, about a 2" barrel, polymer frame (it's lightweight). This gun has a unique color
combination. The gun is primarily bronze in color, with a black cylinder and black rubber grips.
$249.99. Although this could be one's primary EDC, I would envision this as a truck gun, or a
low cost BUG to travel near your higher round count EDC.

Smith and Wesson SDVE, 9MM/16 +1 rounds; .40/14 + 1 rounds; about a 4" barrel, $289.99.
This is a lower-priced Smith entry.....lower than the preferred M & P (Military and Police) pistols.

Smith and Wesson M & P Shield EZ, .380 ACP, 8 + 1 rounds. This pistol has multiple safety
devices engineered into it. It has a manual safety on the left side of the pistol, as well as
a 1911/Springfield Armory style "grip" safety. The slide is reported to be easy to rack.

Smith and Wesson M & P Shield, 9MM/8 + 1 rounds; .40/7 + 1 rounds; $369.99.


The hardcopy ad encourages shoppers "Browse our expanded online selection.
Thousands of firearms online at Pick up at your local store."

Hopefully someone sees something above that they need.

Happy shopping shootists.

Arms discourage and keep the invader in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property...
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Re: Academy 6/10-19/18. Taurus 605,bronze; 3 Smith's in .380, 9MM, .40.


Post by jmorris » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:14 pm

Thanks. I read this yesterday and realized it had been exactly 14 days since I'd bought my EZ. Grabbed the receipt, jumped in the truck and got the price adjusted.
Jay E Morris
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