Academy 7/8-17/18: 2 revolvers, 6 SA's in .22, .380, 9MM, & .40.

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Academy 7/8-17/18: 2 revolvers, 6 SA's in .22, .380, 9MM, & .40.


Post by surprise_i'm_armed » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:30 pm

The Academy Sports and Outdoors ad from the Sunday, 7/8/18, Dallas Morning Snooze,
and valid for the dates of July 8-17, 2018, contains the following handguns for sale.

There are 2 revolvers and 6 semi-automatic pistols. They are sorted in ascending order of calibers.

Heritage Rough Rider cowboy style, .22 LR, 6 rounds, the revolver is primarily black with cocobolo wood grips.

Taurus Judge Magnum, .45 LC/410, 5 rounds, gun is silvery with black rubber grips, $479.99.
I don't know why this wheelgun is called a Magnum. Can .45 Long Colt come as a magnum round??

Ruger Mark IV, .22LR, 10 + 1, gun is all black. It looks like a Luger P08. $399.99.

Ruger LCP II, .380, 6 + 1 rounds, all black, $269.99.

Smith and Wesson M & P Shield, 2.0, Crimson Trace red laser, 9MM, 7+1 and 8+1 rounds, all black, $379.99.

Springfield Armory XD, double stack, 9MM, 13 + 1 and 16 + 1 rounds, double stack, all black, $399.99.

Springfield Armory XD MOD.2 (like the above pistol but has the varied textures on the grip), 9MM double stack,
13 + 1 and 16 + 1, $469.99. Basically you will spend $70 more if you like the new grip texturing.

Smith and Wesson SDVE, 9MM/16+1; .40/14 + 1, this pistol is black with a silvery slide, $299.99.
This pistol is the only one of the 6 that has a .40 model, so I listed it last. FYI, this is a "value"
Smith that isn't quite as desirable as the M & P models.

I hope someone finds something they need here. Happy shopping shootists.

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Re: Academy 7/8-17/18: 2 revolvers, 6 SA's in .22, .380, 9MM, & .40.


Post by Bruin98 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:13 pm

I've almost pulled the trigger on that 22 revolver more times than I can count.

Primary users would be my under 13 kids.

It just seems cheap. Like worth the extra 250 for sr22 et al.

What say y'all?

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