NRA Instructors & Courses?

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NRA Instructors & Courses?


Post by thatguyoverthere » Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:32 am

I know there are a lot of instructors on this site, so I have a question.

I know there are a lot of quality instructors who teach quality courses, but right now I have reason to be interested in wanting to specifically take some NRA training classes. But in looking at the NRA website on the "Find an NRA training course near you" page, I see only a very few classes scattered over North Texas on a few specific scattered dates.

So if there are any of you on this forum who are NRA-certified instructors who teach NRA courses in the North Texas area: is there some reason that you are not listed on the NRA website? Or are you not NRA certified, or don't teach the NRA material? Or am I missing something?


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Re: NRA Instructors & Courses?


Post by Middle Age Russ » Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:49 am

Many, if not most, NRA instructors and training counselors only instruct part-time. A lot of them have "day-jobs" that pay most of their bills, and fit in classes when they have enough people interested. Also, not all instructors or training counselors are certified to teach all courses. If possible, contact a few instructors / training counselors in your area and let them know what courses you are interested in taking and the time-frame you'd like to take them.
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