KR Training - Defensive Pistol 1

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KR Training - Defensive Pistol 1


Post by Papa_Tiger » Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:51 pm

I participated in the Defensive Pistol 1 class offered by KR Training this afternoon.

It was definitely worth the time and money and I will be highly encouraging my wife to take it in the future.

I arrived a bit early and the instructors walked me through some of the basics, testing my draw from my holster and a practice round or two to establish a baseline and then made some very good suggestions for the rest of the class. Karl noted something that would be an issue with my holster and allowed me to borrow one that remedied much of the holster issue I was having for the rest of the class.

There was a little classroom instruction, but we pretty quickly got out to the firing range. There were 12 students and 4 instructors so there was a fair amount of personalized attention. The instructors were VERY helpful with helping to see and diagnose issues with what you were doing wrong or could do better and also praising for when you did things correctly as well.

By far the most eye-opening part of the class was when we were working with cover garments and drawing from the holster. That showed me just how much it slowed me down in my draw and first round on target. Given that most gunfights are over in 3 rounds and 3 seconds, it made me realize that the extra second to move the cover garment was an eternity. I will be investigating new holster and clothing choices because of that.

Lots of great information, one on one instruction, diagnosis of areas to improve, practical take-homes and ideas for cheap (dry fire) practice in the form of draw stroke, trigger control, dry fire practice, movement and other scenarios.

I look forward to having the time to take Defensive Pistol 2 in the future.

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