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University of Houston PD - Active Shooter Training


Post by ExNavyInHouston » Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:06 pm

As I have written here before I am an "older" student at UH's main campus. I happened across this article earlier this week:

"This Is How UH Police Teach People to Survive the Worst-Case Scenario: A Mass Shooting" ... ng-8436439


One bright moment of the article is the "journalist" shows UHPD teaches the course from a real-world mindset:

"At these training courses, the officers teach people that “hoping and hiding” isn’t enough anymore, that no one is helpless and that anything — pens and pencils, a chair, a trash can — can be a tool or weapon used to defend yourself."

Of course the "journalist" then exposes their diaper when they write the next sentence:

"The presentation is somewhat frightening in the sense that you are actually watching it at all, actually thinking about what you would do if a man with a gun walked through the door at that very moment."

Of course it would be frightening, but tactical application and mindset training help offset that for the rest of us, which is what I would hope most in attendance of such training would realize.

Nonetheless, this brings me to my next point. They will teach this training to a "group" (defined as 10-12 people). This would be a great opportunity for "Charles" (if interested) to get a closer-to-the-source contact with the upcoming process of switching over to CC, and if "documents" need to be prepared. :cool:

But really, any of you with children at the UH (or if you are a student like me) could take the lead on setting up a group. I would rather not be the organizer as I have a full-course load, even this summer, and don't have the contacts in the "community" as I once did when I was an active competitor, etc.

Of course they teach this in a big room, so the 10-12 is a minimum number. So if any of you trainers want to open it up to your pupils, or you competitors who tend to shoot with the same group of people, I think it would be easy to get a group together.

If anyone is seriously interested let me know. The actual course name is: Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)

I think with Charles' NRA connection it would make an ideal door-opener, but as I said, parents of students, etc., could make a legitimate case for firing up a new training session.


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Re: University of Houston PD - Active Shooter Training


Post by mojo84 » Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:12 am

Here is a training video OSU did using the U of H methods.

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