Looking for a new holster and belt for G19 EDC

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Looking for a new holster and belt for G19 EDC


Post by TheSoundGrip »

I am looking for a new belt and holster for my Glock 19, no light or anything.

I currently use a Mission Elite belt I bought off Amazon a few years back and a DSG Alpha holster. I have been having issues with the belt allowing my holster to shift and slide forward and backward on my belt and ending up in awkward positions frequently. Also find myself having to sit down to fasten the belt to fit right so that the holster won't shift and then it ends up being super tight and uncomfortable and I end up having to readjust a lot to get comfortable. I love my holster, its a great, quality, rigid holster, so I'm hoping I can fix my issues with just buying a new belt.

I am a news photographer so I find myself sitting, driving and getting in and out of a car multiple times a night and walking fast paced and long distances frequently at work. Also try to carry as discreetly as possible due to other people in my field's opinions on firearms and carrying...

I also sometimes carry my Sig P365 in an IWB holster instead, so my belt would need to work with both.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Re: Looking for a new holster and belt for G19 EDC


Post by SigM4 »

For a quick off the shelf option I like the Magpul Tejas El Original belt. It has a grippy backing that holds on to holster buckles to keep them in place pretty well. It’s also very supportive. I wear one every day to work and otherwise. Often times without a gun/holster and it works just fine as an EDC belt.

Beyond that there are a plethora of dedicated gun belts out there from custom makers. My belt maker of choice is Mike at Armour Belts.

Another thing to look at is the way the holster attaches to the belt. If the buckles are too big that could be causing the shifting. Make sure the buckles are made for whatever size belt you’re wearing. Typically this will be either 1.5” or 1.75” width.
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Re: Looking for a new holster and belt for G19 EDC


Post by Tex1961 »

I've never used or seen the belt and holster you have, but I did a quick search on both of them and this is my personal observations and opinion.

Belt - I just can't get excited over a $10.00 gun belt from Amazon. Me personally I use a Kore, but there are many others out there (search the forum) and yes, I know... $$ doesn't always equate to quality or lack thereof... However in my personal experience when it comes to gun belts it usually does.

Holster - Again, I have no experience with that brand, however looking at the pictures on their site, it seems like the belt straps are oversized. That right there is what is giving you the most trouble... I recommend a holster with belt clips or belt slits not those straps. Your holster will hug the belt much better with those instead of the wide rings that your brand looks like it has.

Good luck..
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Re: Looking for a new holster and belt for G19 EDC


Post by RoyGBiv »

By far my favorite belt is the Specialist line from Mastermind tactics.

I carry AIWB, so, YMMV if you carry strong side. On the few occasions that I carried strong side, it worked fine. Also, the Specialist is really a CC belt. A good leather belt is much more attractive for OC.
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Re: Looking for a new holster and belt for G19 EDC


Post by ELB »

I have carried a Glock 19 AIWB for years now with the Raven Vanguard 2. It is the most comfortable, concealable, accessible IWB holster I've ever had, and it's not very expensive. Get one with a wing (or as Raven calls it, a "claw").

I see they now offer the "claw" as part of the package. $45.

https://rcsgear.com/vanguard-2-advanced ... 43-43x-48/

I don't realy have a recommendation for a belt. I use a 5.11 TDU in coyote or od green because I wear vertx cargo pants, has worked fine for years.
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