Just ordered a Tucker HF1

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Just ordered a Tucker HF1


Post by RPBrown »

I just ordered a Tucker Gunleather HF1 for my Springfield Prodigy. I have been carrying IWB for most of my CHL-LTC life. The OWB that I carry is usually a pancake holster for my 1911's or a Kydex for my XD.
I have been carrying the Prodigy IWB since I got it, but I cant quite find a real comfortable position. I have always admired LT's picture so I decided to get the HF1 and give it a try. I got the basket weave stamping. Although I like the looks of the Concho, I didn't get one. I had one other holster with a Concho but it kept hanging up on my shirt so I removed it.
I will post pictures and a review when I receive it.
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Re: Just ordered a Tucker HF1


Post by LDB415 »

Congratulations! There's Tucker gunleather, and there's everything else.
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Re: Just ordered a Tucker HF1


Post by RoyGBiv »

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Re: Just ordered a Tucker HF1


Post by surprise_i'm_armed »

Although I admire the beautiful workmanship of the holster featured above, I would not spend the money to get one that nice.


I have an OWB, black leather, for my Kimber 1911. The seatbelt has scuffed the heck out of it. Just seems to be the way things go.

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