3oclock holster recommendations?

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Re: 3oclock holster recommendations?


Post by Jketchum » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:47 am

90% of the time i carry in a pancake holster, I have one for each of my guns. CC is not a problem on my smaller guns.
for me this is the most comfortable way to carry.

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Re: 3oclock holster recommendations?


Post by rentz » Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:54 am

flechero wrote:What are you currently using (behind the hip?) is it too canted to try at 3 o'clock just to see if it will be comfy?

I think any leather holster with lesser can't will be comfy at 3o'clock.

I am also one who's suffered from chronic back issues... and surprisingly, when I move the holster back a little further, it gets way better and I can drive all day with it. I just can't do 3o'clock (actually 9 -I'm lefty) as i smack it on chair arms, hang up in seatbelts, etc. Good luck in finding what you need, I know how bad it is having back issues.

Good luck
comptac infidel, before spending money i decided to try using it closer to 3 again. I had done this before and just had issues with hitting things and the grip showing too much for my liking through the shirt.

Been going on this one at 3oclock for a few weeks and somehow its working, not having the issues I did before with the concealment etc.
I think i'm going to try out a purpose built appendix rig and see how i like that, i've got one appendix holster but its just too thick. After a lot of reading the concealed concepts shaggy looks like a winner there.

all else fails i'll just move to owb.

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