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Post by twomillenium » Thu May 17, 2018 1:01 pm

I would rather Randy Rescue try to help than be a Willie Watchembleedout be present if I were the victim. The most ill-considerate thing to do is to watch someone bleed out.

The OP is about the ability or the willingness to render aid to someone who just tried to take your life.

I carry first aid kit that includes gunshot trauma kit. I do not consider myself an expert and don't train frequently, I have more training than the average citizen does. (I do keep CPR training updated) Over the years, I have been involved in two life threatening responses and I believe it made a difference until the ambulance arrived. I just participated in a Stop the Bleed training. I would do the best I could rather than watch someone bleed out.
I remember many years ago someone saying that a person was sued because the victim lost his leg due to tourniquet application. The courts ruled it was better to lose a leg than be buried with two.
I have heard of getting sued for using force an attacker, but I have not heard of a successful lawsuit once it has been established that the amount of force used was justified. (I am sure there is one...... maybe)

BTW, unless you are active military you are a "civvie". My Opinion Is: If one thinks different then that one is part of the problem. (yeah I know what opinions are like and I have one of those too)

I honestly do not know what my reaction would be if it were an attacker that lethal force had to be used to stop the attack. A victim probably has a different reaction and thought process than someone who happens onto the event. I pray that it would be the right thing.
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