Mall Shooting in Indiana

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Re: Mall Shooting in Indiana


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K.Mooneyham wrote: Thu Jan 05, 2023 11:37 am
Paladin wrote: Thu Jan 05, 2023 9:58 am
ELB wrote: Thu Jan 05, 2023 9:35 am Nice article: ... by-police/
That is a good article!

Does anyone actually believe the FBI with their capability to illegally monitor everything online could not locate this guy???
The FBI had received a tip about his online account in 2019, but never located its owner.
This is sad. Situational awareness is life and death:
The first person he encountered, Victor Gomez, also happened to be carrying concealed that day, but was ambushed at point blank and never had a chance.
The reason so many shots were needed is that Dicken reportedly was using ball ammo.

Great breakdown here:
Dicken had come to the food court with his girlfriend for dinner, and was seated next to a column and trash can. The instant the shots rang out, Dicken pushed his girlfriend to the ground, drew his Glock 19, braced himself on the trash can and opened fire at a distance of 42 yards. At this distance, Dicken fired four times, hitting the murderer twice, with Dicken pausing only when panicked shoppers ran through his line of sight.

The injured murderer, rifle still in hand, retreated towards the bathroom. Dicken closed to within 20 yards and shot the murderer with another four shots. The murderer started to go down, but was still struggling to make it to the bathroom. Concerned for potential further carnage, Dicken closed in to about 25 feet and fired twice more. The murderer slumped over and didn’t move.
Outstanding job Eli!!! :cheers2:
Excellent synopsis, thank you. Was the assailant on drugs, or just adrenalined up? That's a lot of hits to take and keep moving. Mr. Dicken did indeed do a fine job, though.

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Re: Mall Shooting in Indiana


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Photos of Eli Dicken's pistol

Gun: Gen 5 G19 with stock sights. (The sights had been mangled in a motorcycle accident. He filed off the smooshed bits and pressed ahead with what he had.) The gun also had an Olight Valkryie and a "Don't Tread on Me" backplate.

Ammo: Blazer brass FMJ

This makes the kid's accomplishment even bigger!!!
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