Lost and found mico chip scanning

Please help these rescued animals find a home. Some are in no-kill shelters, but many are living on borrowed time. These posts are from other organizations unrelated to the Forum, so the information cannot be verified.

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Lost and found mico chip scanning


Post by E.Marquez » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:14 pm

Good day.
I work with a group called Central Texas Lost and Found Pets (CTLAFP)
We focus solely on reuniting found pets with owners, or after confirming we can not find an owner, fostering them until a new home can be found and then working to have them adopted..
The group also provides low cost microchip implanting at just $10.

For found animals that are in need of vet care we work with several vets that allow us to solicit donations to help a pet finder defray vet bills.
This is done for found pets we are adopting out (basic vaccinations and neutering/spaying) or injured animals found that need vet care.

My wife and I have fostered for CTLAP..,,but failed miserable ..a foster failure is when said foster family decides to adopt the animal....lol and Im guilt...

Mostly what I do for CTLAFP is found animal micro chip scanning, and if there is one, researching the owner info from the registrant, then contacting the owners.. Or if chip info is not current, we use other backgound and research options to hunt down the owners.

All that said...if you have a found pet in McLennan, Bell, Hill, Falls, Bosque, Limestone, Lampasas and Coryell Counties we have scanners available to see if your found pet has one,then contact owners if we can. Once we scan, we consider the animal to be a "Group" animal, and all the support we can give to get that pet home is at your disposal. Personally if you have a found pet in my local area, Id be happy to come scan for a chip.

If you want to know when our next chipping event is being held, check out our FB page or contact me. We just had one in Cove this last weekend.

Lastly, chipping is really import for your pets. We have a GREAT return rate when the animal has a chip, even better if the chip owner info is accurate and updated. You do not have to PAY to update your chip info. Some of the registrant sites read that way, like you have to subscribe to a program, and pay.. NO YOU DO NOT. Those are extras programs, and you can decide for yourself if you feel they are worth it. BUT updating contact info, pet info is free. If you have any questions on doing that, feel free to contact me via PM or email. Im in regular contact with all of the major registrants and have contact info for them.
If you do not know who has your pets chip registered, just have the pet scanned and have the scanner provide you the chip number. With that, you can find the registrant company.

Chip info... when scanned and we find a chip, then I look up the number though a registry data base... one of the first things we see besides the registration company data, is the date "Last updated" when a scanner sees that date is recent we go into overdrive ..we know a pet owner is current, the data should lead us to a reunited pet and things are going to move fast. Folks often are static on home address and phone number, so never consider "updating" fluffy's chip data..as its still "correct"

However, animals change, fur color, eye color, body size or shape, weight, identifying marks all change as the pet ages.. so consider updating the registration with that info.. And even if NOTHING has changed, log in and "touch" your pets profile, close out and that in itself will show as a "last update" to us scanners.
My suggestion is, to tie chip info updating with your pets annual vet visit ..just as a way to remember to do it.

If your pet is lost, notify the chip company..even if you do not subscribe to their extra services, that notice will be passed to us scanners when we contact them,,again, telling us, we have an active pet owner ..and we need to do everything we can to find the pet owner.

That is a long read I know.... hope it was helpful.

Erik Marquez

CTLAFP Chip scanner and hunter of found pet owners.
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Companion animal Microchips, quality name brand chips, lifetime registration, Low cost just $10~12, not for profit, most locations we can come to you. We cover eight counties McLennan, Hill, Bell, Coryell, Falls, Bosque, Limestone, Lampasas
Contact we.chip.pets@gmail.com

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Re: Lost and found mico chip scanning


Post by Charles L. Cotton » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:34 pm

Thanks for doing this Erik.


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Re: Lost and found mico chip scanning


Post by WildBill » Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:45 am

Charles L. Cotton wrote:Thanks for doing this Erik.

:iagree: :tiphat:
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