Sign to Support Property Tax Reform - Lt. Gov. Patrick

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Re: Sign to Support Property Tax Reform - Lt. Gov. Patrick


Post by bblhd672 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:12 pm

nonleg wrote:Realtors are pushing tax rate reform, because their commissions are based upon valuations, so they won't say a peep about that.
Realtors commissions are base upon the selling price of the property they sell. If it sells for $10,000 but is worth $50,000, their commission is based upon the $10,000 selling price.
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Re: Sign to Support Property Tax Reform - Lt. Gov. Patrick


Post by steveincowtown » Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:24 pm

Ruark wrote:
anygunanywhere wrote:The fantasy that our taxes will somehow decrease is just that, a fantasy. The states, counties, and all the rest of the taxing entities will still get their quartof blood even if property taxes are decreased. Once they get their teeth in your leg they don't let go.
My feeling as well. I suspect this "property tax relief" is, like with many issues, just an attempt to have the appearance of doing something, while actually doing nothing. Meanwhile, the masses, dazed by their exploding property taxes, will excitedly follow like lemmings.
COUGH*Like Caliber reduction requirements*Cough :biggrinjester:
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