"Under the Gun" on the Epic cable channel is very BIASED

There is seemingly no end to the extent to which anti-gun people and groups will lie about guns and gun owners. Post links to articles by these masters of prevarication here.

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"Under the Gun" on the Epic cable channel is very BIASED


Post by drjoker » Fri May 20, 2016 1:53 am

They claim to be an unbiased documentary but they are VERY biased. Wayne LaPierre is smart. He refused to be interviewed. DO NOT watch it. It will make you mad.

I am very mad at the part where they asked the pro gun folks, "If you don't support background checks, how are you supposed to stop crazy people and felons from getting guns?" Then, they PAUSED the silence of the pro gun panel folks to make it like they were dumb and wrong. I would have asked them back, "If the government goes rogue and kills 6 million Jews, how are they supposed to buy guns if all Jews were on the terror watch list so that they cannot pass a background check?" There are lots of folks who cannot pass a background check even though they are non-violent just because they did something that the government doesn't agree with. What if you smoked pot because you were dying of cancer? Nope, cannot pass a background check.

Remember, Nazi Germany was a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT. States rights, the right to bear arms, Senate committees, Senate filibustering, etc. These are all rights that are meant to protect the minority against the unjustness of a mob majority.

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Re: "Under the Gun" on the Epic cable channel is very BIASED


Post by ScottDLS » Fri May 20, 2016 9:07 am


Very good points Dr Joker. And also, why are background checks on intrastate private sales a federal issue? How many felons and prohibited persons obtained their firearms from a private sale without a background check?
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