Submit Completed LTC Course w/ NRA

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Submit Completed LTC Course w/ NRA


Post by locke_n_load » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:33 pm

I have created the class (LTC) that I gave yesterday in the NRA's website, and I just want to submit it showing that I am teaching courses (so I can renew NRA instructor next year). Do I have actually register the students by putting in their information, or can I just leave the # of students as 0 and submit? It would like like I didn't certify anyone that day if I do that though. If I register students, it requires addresses and other information that I don't have as well.
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Re: Submit Completed LTC Course w/ NRA


Post by mloamiller » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:36 pm

I had the same question when I taught my first LTC course. Someone on this forum suggested using "LTC Student" as the name, Jan 1 and a year that approximates their age as DOB, and either make up or leave the address blank, which is what I did.
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Re: Submit Completed LTC Course w/ NRA


Post by superchief » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:51 pm

since it's renewal year and this topic is out on the street again, what is the current requirement by the NRA? is it still 1 class taught per year? As i suspect for many others, I haven't taught an NRA course in a long, long while. I advertised frequently for Basic Pistol with no result up until the "blended' thing came along (and i think it has died) but quit scheduling classes after that. i don't really get any comms from NRA instructor central and I remember a thread a few years ago, probably at 2015 renewal time about the changes to instructor cred maintenance, but those brain cells are long gone.

I spent some time this evening entering all my 2017 classes, and thought I'd get a start on 2016 tomorrow, 2015 the next day, 2014, etc. I have already shredded my 2013 files, and I was lucky to find some pdfs of my 2013 CHL-8s. I'm covered, i think for earlier years, because some of my 2011 and 2012 classes are still in my class list on the instructor site.

My NRA creds are up in 2017, and the system won't let me renew yet, so i hope there won't be an issue if for some reason NRA wont renew me. Would I have an issue teaching through the rest of 2017 if i cant get renewed? any questions i haven't asked here that i need to?

ETA. the way i enter my student name is Texas LTC Student, 01/01/90. I just enter 1 name like that and put "texas law prohibits providing student names. 20 students. Anybody doing it better/different? anyone ever received any feedback from NRA on how to enter this info?

Thanks for any info/advice.

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