Complete reloading setup $1200 F2F -price drop #2

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Complete reloading setup $1200 F2F -price drop #2


Post by slinco » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:34 pm

Back and leg surgeries. This has to go. I can send some pics if you need. The Price is negotiable

Dillon RL 550B reloading press. Approx 7 years old and lightly used.
3 complete toolheads with powder measures, stands and dies.223/ .45ACP and .40 S&W
Tool holder, bullet tray, strong mount and LED light.
Primer tray, pickup tubes and low primer warning.
Dillon superswage, RCBS balance scale, Lyman manual case trimmer and worlds finest 223 case trimmer for a drill.
Dillon case gauges .223/45/40
Lyman electric case prep station
Frankford media tumbler with some new media
Approx one thousand cases for each caliber
7000 small pistol primers CCI #500
6000 large pistol primers CCI #350
7000 small rifle primers CCI #400
Dillon media seperater
1500+ .223 55g fmjbt
500 45acp moly 230g
500 .223 55g softpoint
400 .223 62g fmj
150 .223 68g bthp hornady
250 45acp 230g rn/ berrys
270 45acp 220g rn lubed lead
1200+ 40 s&w rn moly coat/bayou bullets
250 .40 165g plated/ berrys
400 .40 180g plated/ berrys
Tons of brass, at least 1000 for each caliber -.223/45/40
Approx. 25 pounds of various powders
Win 231
Red dot
Lil gun
Milsurp wc846t
Ramshot TAC
MEC 12 gauge reloading press
MEC 20 gauge reloading press
Both with powder and shot bottles
Several powder/shot bars
2500 shotshell primers-CCI and winchester
Bags of wads and hull both gauges
12 plastic bullet cases/50 and 100 round capacities
Forgot a few items but you will get it all
$1200 cash .you pick up. Liberty Hill/ Bertram area TX
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