2011 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC - Postponed

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Re: 2011 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC - Postponed


Post by Crossfire »

tomc wrote:A small wrench to throw into the works for Dallas area attendees, although the dates are not finalized yet, May 31 and Apr 1 will probably be the dates for the annual Glock match, the Lone Star Classic XVIII match held at the Dallas Pistol Club. There were 379 entries at last year's Clock match.
Well, that's not good. :nono:
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Re: 2011 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC - Postponed


Post by surprise_i'm_armed »

Sorry to hear that October 2011 is a no-go. Since the next CHL Forum Day is March 2012, does that mean
that each year from now on it will be held once a year, in late March or early April?

Wow - the reconstruction of PSC sounds quite impressive.

Thank you to Charles Cotton and all PSC staff who so graciously invite all the forum members to their shooting home.

Even though Friendswood, Texas (south of Houston) may be many miles from a lot of forum members, I would like
to see as many forum friends as possible. Speaking for myself and a few others... North Texas will be in the house!

Each Forum Day we loose a lot o' lead, and it's priceless to match up the screen names with the people behind them.

N. Texas holds 3 breakfasts a month so we can meet In Real Life. All are 800 AM.
2nd Saturdays: Rudy's BBQ, N. Dallas Pkwy, N.bound, N. of Main St., Frisco.
3rd Saturdays: Rudy's BBQ, 451 I-20, Collins St exit, Arlington.
4th Saturdays: Sunny St. Cafe, off I-20, Exit 415, Mikus Rd, Willow Park.
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Re: 2011 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC - Postponed


Post by The Annoyed Man »

USA1 wrote:
Fire1141 wrote:Pearland shooting club,iirc
That's correct. Also, to the newer members, forum day is a great event to attend to sharpen your defensive shooting skills, learn about awareness, and my favorite, meet other forum members. You'll have the opportunity to shoot steel targets, both stationary and moving.

I've been the last two years and it is awesome. From the sound of it, this next one should top them all.

I strongly encourage everyone who can make it to attend.
It's also a great opportunity for forum members to meet again and have BBQ together again.....if you get my drift. :mrgreen:

Charles, I'm sorry we won't be doing this in October...I have been waiting to do it again and I had a real blast the last time. On the other hand, March works for me just fine.
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Re: 2011 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC - Postponed


Post by USA1 »

The Annoyed Man wrote: It's also a great opportunity for forum members to meet again and have BBQ together again.....if you get my drift. :mrgreen:
*wink wink*

....As long as I can sit where I can watch the door. ;-)
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Re: 2011 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC - Postponed


Post by Teamless »

Charles L. Cotton wrote:The new pistol bays will be going in on the current Range #2 ("Mom & Pop" range). We extended the current berm and it now goes to the berm dividing Range #1 from Range #2 and we will have 15' wide bays using the same wall construction we have between Bays D, E and F. We will also be putting in bays facing toward the Range #1/Range #2 berm, as well as a bay we'll call the "Tin Can Alley." The total number of new bays will be 14, if I recall the drawings correctly. Each bay will also have an awning made of landscaping cloth that will provide shade while allowing water and air to pass through.

We have to regrade the entire area to set the drainage before building the walls and finishing the bays.

This project is going to increase our pistol capacity dramatically and the bays are going to be very nice!
Charles, thanks! this sounds awesome and I cannot wait to shoot the new bays, especially "Tin Can alley" :)
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