Eligibility question

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Re: Eligibility question


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matajl wrote:I have taken the CHL class already. Very valuable information. I did it for the "just in case" factor.Is anyone here a Texas resident that has a Florida CCW and not a Texas CHL? I am reading the process is not long at all. Is this true?
Florida will accept your Texas CHL class certificate as proof of training.
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Re: Eligibility question


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I just went through this, I had a assault charge for fighting years ago but I completed deferred adjudication and that is considered a guilty plea and punishment served but no final conviction, so when your asked that question you can honestly answer NO that you were not "Convicted" but a back ground check will show you were arrested for _____= Insert "crime". But you can be arrested for anything but you have to actually be convicted for it reflect negatively, this DA is a way to give first time offenders a second chance in Texas.

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Re: Eligibility question


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You will have to honestly list the arrest and disposition on your application.
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