Kimber? Springfield? Ruger?

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Re: Kimber? Springfield? Ruger?


Post by cmgee67 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:07 pm

After taking some advice given I have found the gun that I want to take home. The Springfield EMP concealed carry contour model. 9+1 capacity of 9mm so plenty for carry and should be a dream to shoot from the reviews I have seen. I am glad the feed ramp is incorporated into the bull barrel. It has an aluminum frame which at first worried me because I have heard that on aluminum framed 1911’s the rounds over time hitting the aluminum will cause it to pitt. But with the stainless feed ramp it shouldn’t be an issue because the nose of the bullet won’t hit the frame. I really like the “bob tail” grip which should make it easy to conceal. I am going to go handle one this week and hopefully rent it. If all goes well I’ll make the deal. ... ntour-9mm/
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Re: Kimber? Springfield? Ruger?


Post by 1911 Raptor » Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:04 pm

AndyC wrote:
WTR wrote:My friend is a 1911 guru. He like Colt, Dan Wesson and has even said not to over look RIA. He thinks Kimber is over rated and over priced.
He's right.

Dan Wesson > Springfield > Colt > RIA > Kimber - IMO. Kimber was pretty good about a decade or so ago - not now.
I promise you as someone who has owned a RIA and a Kimber, my Ultra Raptor II is hands down ten times the gun RIA puts on the market. I would put Ruger ahead of RIA.

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Re: Kimber? Springfield? Ruger?


Post by karder » Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:00 pm

About a week ago I bought an EMP .40 from a friend who needed some quick cash to pay his tax bill. I had seen these and always thought they looked like a cool option, but the price is pretty high so I never bit. This time though, the stars seemed to align so I now have one in the collection.

According to my friend, he had less than 50 rounds through it. The slide is very tight and needs a strong hand to rack, but I assume that will loosen with some range time. I also notice the internal parts seemed a little sharp, like they need some wearing in. My friend said he had never stripped it for cleaning and he did not know what I was talking about when I asked if he had the take down tool. It is a real pain to get the recoil spring out without that tool as it is very tight. I ended up ordering a brass one on line but I haven't received it yet.

It shoots beautifully. Very accurate, and even in .40 the recoil is not bad. The night sights work well and the craftsmanship seems excellent. I have only put a couple of hundred rounds through it so I can't comment much on reliability although I had no failures with Federal, Winchester and Speer. I have read on line that the EMPs don't feed Hornady well, so I am loading with Gold Dots for now until I can test more.

Bottom line, at this point I can give a strong thumbs up to the EMP. I ordered a holster from Black Hills Leather and I plan to start carrying it when I need a compact option.
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