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Re: HK P30SK


Post by JSThane » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:33 pm

rentz wrote:
JSThane wrote:
Beiruty wrote:Any HK is a lovely pistol.

My duty weapon is an HK, with the LEM trigger. I hate it. Gimme a Glock instead, but I don't have that option.
if its normal LEM that pulls going to be hard, if its "light" lem it's the SA trigger pull every time but more takeup.
the heavy DA pull on HK is IMO terrible, not even close to the sig DA pull
It's probably the "light," as it feels like a two-stage trigger; there's a LOT of takeup, then it stacks, then squiiiiish, until it finally breaks. It's really easy to push the sights off-target while pressing, too, due to the variable and inconsistent weight on the trigger.

I've compared it to co-workers' pistols, and I have a "good" trigger for this thing, too. Theirs are worse.

Stay away from the LEM trigger, unless you're intending to shoot that pistol exclusively from here on out, is my recommendation.

I also don't like the high bore axis (rules out Sigs for me as well), the ergonomics, the recoil impulse (we're issued .40s), or the magazine capacity (it's one less than a comparably-sized Glock). And then there's the price. Not to mention the trigger return springs, trigger transfer bars, and many other small-but-essential parts that have broken on co-workers' weapons. Mine... I got a "good" one. It's never jammed, never broken, the trigger is smoother and more consistent than most, and it's reliable no matter whether it's dry, oiled, clean, dirty, or any combination thereof. But I still hate it.

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