M&P 380 Shield EZ

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Re: M&P 380 Shield EZ


Post by LadyShooter » Wed May 30, 2018 11:36 am

I have very limited experience with guns and just got this 380 Shield EZ. Love it. I am a small older female and have shot hubby’s Colt Detective 38 and was ok with it. 2 years ago hubby bought me a Kimber Micro 380. At the time, I was trying to slingshot that slide and could with my right dominant hand but not my left so would have to switch. Quickly lost interest. Recently regained some interest to try again and with the help of YouTube learned the proper way to rack a slide and now have no problem with the Kimber.
But that Kimber is hard to put back together after cleaning, takes hubby and I both to fit that little take down lever back in place. So recently hubby took me to look at the Shield EZ, bought it, signed up for the next LTC class at Cabela’s and was shocked at how well I did on my range portion of the test.
I feel the things that make this gun so easy, racking the slide, loading the mag and takedown/reassemble at cleaning, will enable me to go on and much better learn how to handle a firearm. At some point after much range time, I feel I would be able to choose something in a 9mm for carry. But then again, maybe not. I highly recommend it to anyone that needs an easier to use gun, for whatever reason.

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