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Para LDA firing pin safety

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:38 pm
by texas yankee
Hi - In most all of my 1911 style pistols with a Series 80 FPS, I've removed the firing pin safety parts (plunger, spring, etc.) and put in a spacer in place of the two lever components in the frame - the LDA uses a similar FPS approach, but it's different enough so that the same spacer probably wouldn't work - it wouldn't be the right fit. So, I'd like to just remove the firing pin safety plunger and spring in my Para 18.9 LDA, but I'm concerned about the plunger lever hanging up without the plunger in place - any thoughts? BTW, it's only ever a range gun - never used for carry or home defense, so there's no potential liability concern here. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.