Alligator defense question

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Re: Alligator defense question


Post by Interblog » Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:09 am

Update on this alligator question.

I found an eye witness who explained to me that the monster gator was lurking in the area because (get this) some people north of us are intentionally feeding it. They reportedly trained it to come when they call (and they don't appear to have a hunting permit - they are just feeding it). The witness saw this transpire.

Someone out there is probably thinking, "Only in east Texas..."

Here's the good news: by way of coincidence, I was intercepted by a state game warden yesterday when I was out on the lake. PFD compliance check - of course I had mine on and it was serviceable (inflatable). So while I had his ear, I relayed the story of what was transpiring, and followed up later with an email. It's probably too cold right now for additional alligator activity, but when the weather warms up, if these people recommence this alligator-luring activity, the warden will be watching.

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