Anyone Interested in .357 Mag Revolver Shotshells?

For those who like to roll their own.

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Re: Anyone Interested in .357 Mag Revolver Shotshells?


Post by K-Texas » Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:10 pm

If you read the article you know that I'm well pleased with the outcome with the final round. Particularly the results within the 8 ring. If I can't hit a snake's head with that out to 20' with my GP100 firing in DA, I need more practice! And while there are more #9 pellets that will go in a shot capsule, the number that will actually land in a kill zone can be disappointing if you read the articles others have written. Plus the fact that the 7 1/2 pellets pack more wallop!

In a past couple of articles, I have written in a form of chronicling from start to finish, even while I've changed my mind on different aspects of the load during the process. Part of the exercise was to let the readers of this post see how it went from start to finish.

It's also meant as an encouragement for those who believe they have a handloading article in them. The Western Powders blog is open to all submissions, and knowing the editor I can tell you that he'll entertain yours! ;-)
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