Case Gauge .223?

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Re: Case Gauge .223?


Post by rotor » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:41 pm

LeonCarr wrote:Is there really a difference?

Both the Headspace Gauge and the Case Gauge/Ammo Checker shown in the video are cut with minimum SAAMI Spec Chamber Reamers and have a groove at the top of the gauge to denote the minimum and maximum headspace length. Some case gauges do not have the min/max groove but both gauges can be used to check if ammo will fit into your firearm's chamber since both are cut with SAAMI minimum reamers.

Just my .02,
I hardly ever load rifle as it is too time consuming. The only thing a case gauge shows is if your resized brass meets specs. It helps you set your dies properly. An ammo checker shows if the actual completed cartridge meets specs and should load into any barrel that meets specs. I personally have never had any ammo that properly fit a case (headspace) gauge but would not load into a barrel. I think that the gauges complement each other. I personally only own case gauges, Lyman and Wilson, and put every round through one. I load mostly pistol though.

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