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Low Flash Magnum Revolver Powder


Post by K-Texas » Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:35 pm

Just wanted to update on Accurate 11 FS. As sunlight was fading Wednesday, I put a good number of rounds downrange in 7 yard double-action shooting. I'm trying to go through some loads I made for a past project. The bullet was a 158 gr. RMR plated hollow-point. 16.7 grs. of 11 FS and a CCI550. I didn't notice any flash as I was shooting them so I had my shooting partner observe as I fired. He agreed and said there was no noticeable flash.

This is a bigger deal than it might first appear. 11 FS is essentially a flash suppressed version of W296, so eliminating flash is no easy trick. I don't, or haven't in the past used a slow burning magnum handgun propellant for .357 Magnums for revolvers with 4" or shorter barrels, or defense loads. For our 4" revolvers in particular; that might change now. I had loads using the same 158 gr. RMR PHP with True Blue, AA No7 & No 9. They all flashed greater than the 11 FS load.

Western's data for 11 FS in .357 Magnum begins with a 158 gr. JHP. If you want to load a lighter bullet, Rob Behr of Western Powder Co. has informed me that data for W296 can be used. I will certainly be trying it with 140 gr. JHPs, and most likely the SPEER 135 gr. Gold Dot.

If in doubt, work up from a 10% reduced charge up to a mid charge of say 5% below max. But using the 158 gr. XTP and older Lyman data, I've loaded it up to 17.1 grs. without the slightest hint of excessive pressure. Fired cases extract with ease. Unfortunately, the greatest obstacle for Ramshot and Accurate powders is finding them. So if you happen upon some 11 FS, it's definitely worth a try. ;-)
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