79th Legislature CHL after-action report

What should be on the 2007 agenda for CHL's?

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79th Legislature CHL after-action report


Post by Procounsul Siggus Maximus » Tue May 31, 2005 7:21 am

Based on what I've seen on other boards, it looks like CHl came out
ok during this session. Looks like the "traveling" provision got cleared
up. CHL licenses run longer without an increase in money. Out of
state folks have an easier time with Texas non-resident CHL.
Senior citizens get a break on CHL costs. Whistles and stomps for
our Texas legislators who supported these bills! :D

What can we work on for 2007? CHL carry in 51% or greater
establishments provided the holder is not intoxicated? This law
already exists in 33 other states. CHL carry in state-supported
colleges and universities? CHL storage of firearms in privately
owned vehicles on privately owned parking areas? Getting the
City of Houston to do away with "red tags" for CHL holders in
city buildings?

AK or VT carry?

What's do-able, what is the "art of the possible" for 2007? 8)
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Open Carry


Post by anygunanywhere » Tue May 31, 2005 1:36 pm

Open carry/Vermont style carry would be great. I kind of think the Texas Constitution needs to be changed to eliminate the provision for regulating carry. It should read like the 2nd Ammendment, and we Texicans must make sure the state follows the law.

I agree that the 51% provision is annoying. When I visit Pennsylvania, I am amazed at how easy it is to enjoy my civil rights, even in bars. IMHO, if a man wants an adult beverage, even while packing, it should be legal. If I want to enjoy a nice chianti with my wife over Italian while packing, it needs to be legal. I really don't care about the supposed rabid DA's who will go after me if I defend myself after consuming alcohol because of impaired judgement on my part. The impaired judgement of the person on the receiving end of my actions is the one who should be worried.

I especially like the new Florida law that basically allows you to defend yourself anywhere, removing the "retreat" provisions. We ought to be allowed to defend ourselves where ever we are allowed to legally be, when ever we are legally are allowed to be there. Let the bad guys do the retreating. Let them understand that the best conflict resolution is the conflict they never start and that we never have to end.
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