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Links to various government agengices, resources & statutes, and non-governmental CHL-related links

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Link format and rules


Post by Charles L. Cotton »

Per request, I'm adding a Links forum for links to CHL related web sites only.

When the new PHPBB bulletin board software (Ver. 3.0) is released, TexasCHLforum may be reorganized so that the opening page is more of a home page. If I have the time to do this, I'll have a separate page for links. If a home page is not added, this Links forum will remain.

I think the best way to make this feature most useful is to make it an "Announcement," thus keeping it on top. I'm also going to keep it locked, so there will be only one "post" and it will have all of the links, along with a brief explanation of the site’s content.

If you want a link added, post a message in the "Links Requested" sticky that will be left unlocked. If a link is added, your request will be deleted from the sticky. If the link is not added, I will respond with an explanation and the post will remain.

Please remember the mission of the Links section is for links directly related to CHL or the law. Don't send me a link to Kentucky Fried Chicken and tell me it's CHL related because you carry your gun there! If you request a link and the CHL relevance is not obvious, please explain. Also, please don't submit links to other forums that may have a section on CHL, such as Glocktalk, or a tactics section like 1911forum.

I will not link to an individual's web site, even if it is CHL related, unless it is a bulletin board (forum). If I link to one, I either have to link to all who make a request, or find myself in the position of having to review someone's web site to determine if it should be included. I'm not about to do that! Lawyers are on very few Christmas card lists as it is, I'm not going to make it worse by being relegated to censor.

Finally, please do not be offended if a requested link is not included. I really want to keep this section directly related to CHL and I rather doubt there will be many other web sites that meet this criteria.


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