DC: Fed Court of Appeals rules public carry of firearms a "core" right

What's going on in Washington, D.C.?

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Re: DC: Fed Court of Appeals rules public carry of firearms a "core" right


Post by ScottDLS » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:37 pm

C-dub wrote:
ScottDLS wrote:
CleverNickname wrote:
ScottDLS wrote:It will be very cool to legally carry a concealed handgun on the DC metro from Virginia to the District and walk around the District.
Carry by licensees on any public transportation in DC is prohibited, according to handgunlaw.us

That is incorrect, if you have a VA CHP you can carry on the Virginia side and presumably if you had a DC permit you could carry there too.
I really would like for you to be correct on this and hope you are for your sake if you do carry on the DC metrorail or any other DC public transportation system. However, I am unable to find anything to corroborate your assertion that it is legal. What are you basing your, at this point, opinion that it is legal if one has a concealed permit for DC?

I do note that you say "presumably."
Well that stinks. You can still carry on the Virginia side. But I guess I’ll have to walk or drive. I wonder if you can “transport” unloaded in a locked case on the metro.
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