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So, your CHL Application has been filed and the clock has slowed to a crawl - tell us about it!

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Post by oljames3 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:32 am

Easyasmc wrote:What were you in the Army? I just find it odd that you would feel uncomfortable or insecure about carrying a handgun.
Unless you have a vault in your vehicle, I would not leave a weapon in it.
Most soldiers in non-combat areas will not carry a loaded individual weapon. While on active duty, I only carried a weapon (M16A1 or M1911A1) while field training exercises (unloaded) or while acting as a Class A Payroll Officer (loaded). Once I carried a loaded shotgun while on a guard post on Fort Hood. The infantry soldiers of my Pershing missile battalion carried loaded M16A1s while guarding the Quick Reaction Alert site (9 nuclear tipped Pershing missiles in quick countdown status and other warheads in storage). Only a small percentage of soldiers carry on a regular basis while in the US.

This climate of regulations and command attitudes is slowly changing. For example, on 17 DEC 15, the Commander of the Texas Military Forces (Adjutant General), Major General John F. Nichols, issued JFTX P15-08 allowing "Texas Military Department (TMD) employees, civilian visitors, contractors, members of the National Guard of other states and other military service component members while on any TMD installation or facility", having a Texas LTC or permit valid in Texas to carry in and on "all buildings and property under the control of the TMD." This policy became effective 1/1/116 and is still in effect. Please read the full text before carrying in or on "buildings and property under the control of the TMD." ... sion-1.pdf
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Re: New to this forum!


Post by SIGFan43 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:16 am

Eighteen years ago, I got my first LTC in Arkansas, but didn't carry on my person, but I did have a zippered Daytimer with a pistol pocket and mag holder inside. I usually carried it in stores, etc., and in the car left it unzipped on the passenger seat while driving. I was always afraid someone would see the gun "printing" on my belt. After a year of that, I bought a pocket holster for my .38, which I wore everywhere for 13 years. With the advent of smartphones, Daytimers look out of place, anyway. With more experience, and carrying around the house all the time, you will soon learn that it's no good if you can't get to it while buckled into a car seat, so now I wear either IWB or OWB concealed 24/7, depending on the weather. No one pays attention in Texas to a "print" or bulge under a shirt, and even Walmart ignores open carry (which I don't prefer). I've had an LTC in Texas for 10 years, and I LOVE Texas! I never leave a pistol in the car due to risk of car burglary. Carry on!

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