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So, your CHL Application has been filed and the clock has slowed to a crawl - tell us about it!

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primo usque ad summum


Post by Horton » Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:58 pm

I don't expect mine to be speedy but still waiting on feedback from the state.

11/24 Registered with State

11/29 Fingerprinted

11/29 submit LTC-100 online to state

11/29 submit supporting documentation for out of state DWI offense.

11/30 received email confirming receipt of documentation.

12/8 all green except the following
- Fingerprints : Under review
- Background Check : Under review
- License to Carry a Handgun : Print pending completion of application review

I am surprised the fingerprints are still under review.

Back ground check, I am concerned the documentation I submit is not enough. I could not get any records from the courthouse yet, I was on deferred adjudication for my DWI and they have done what they said, the records are gone from their system. What I submit was information from my probation officer showing she submit my case to the courts to be closed out as complete.

I went ahead and submit with that hoping once they search me and it is not on my record it will all be enough. Probably not. I am waiting for the state of Missouri to send me my records but they said those records were closed and had to be requested from another unit (I guess archive) before they could be released to me.

So, as I said, I expect mine to take a while but I am really hoping DPS reaches out to me soon so I can at least know what I am waiting on or what they need from me.

I will keep you posted, hopefully any highlights I get will help others on a similar journey.

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