CO, CHL, and depression

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CO, CHL, and depression


Post by Commander_Apollo » Wed Jul 24, 2019 11:36 pm

Hello y'all,

I'm new on here and just wanted to get y'all's opinion on my current situation. I want to apply for my CHL hence why I'm here, but I'm worried I'll get denied. Back in 2008, I spent a week in a mental hospital for depression and anxiety. I was eleven at the time and my parents put me in there and was discharged without issue. I never went back and completely went off medication in 2010.

Fast forward to now; I'm currently working for the state as a correctional officer with access to guns and have a modest gun collection. I haven't suffered from depression or anxiety for several years, but I've never been "cleared" by a doctor. The doctors that originally treated me have since retired and my records with destroyed since they haven't seen me in years.

So my question is this; should I go ahead and just say no to the mental health question or jump through all of the hoops?

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