Star Telegram article on School Carry

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Re: Star Telegram article on School Carry


Post by Monkey404error » Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:42 am

Pinkycatcher wrote:
Monkey404error wrote:You hate disarming in the parking lot? I hate riding the public bus at 0-dark-hundred to be able to get to class. Riding to and from school, I always see the people that I'd normally try and avoid, and it scares me that in the event of an emergency, I can't defend myself if need be.
Have you talked to your campus police about holding your weapon while you're in class? I know ours has a vault they store students weapons in when they come to the campus if they want to go hunting or for whatever reason.
I havn't thought about that, but I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't do that. The downtown campus police were a little bit more understanding, when I asked if I could at least leave my gun locked in my car in the parking lot, probably this is because the downtown is the main campus for public policy. The main campus police almost wet themselves when I asked the same question, and this was just to be for a few hours durring finals.

But maybe I should ask, no harm in asking right? This is really making me wish, we can get campus carry passed. Then I wouldn't even have to worry about it anymore.
Students should also have the rights to defend themselves

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