Had an issue at the NASJRB in Fort Worth

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Re: Had an issue at the NASJRB in Fort Worth


Post by Deltaboy » Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:35 am

They at least I never been stopped for my pocket knives! We used to go to the base several times a year!
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Re: Had an issue at the NASJRB in Fort Worth


Post by RPBrown » Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:56 am

NNT wrote:
The Annoyed Man wrote:
crazy2medic wrote:Over zealous govt stupidity at it's finest!
Right up there with taking cuticle cutter from the pilot of an American Airlines plane because they could be used to hijack the plane he's already in charge of!
That pilot is a friend of mine from my church. He and his wife usually sit a row or two behind me. She’s a yoga instructor, and I’ve taken her class a few times. In any case, when the TSA guy confiscated the clipper.....it was a small keychain-sized nail clipper by the way, not a cuticle clipper....he told my friend “With THIS (insert dramatic flourish), you can bring down the plane! My friend told him, “Son, I’m the captain of this flight. If I want the plane to come down, it’s coming down....with or without the nail clipper.” But the TSA guy still kept it and wouldn’t give it back. What an idiot.

I used to go into a federal building as a sales rep. I was told very nicely that my keychain swiss knife with one inch blade and scissors could not come in :nono: , and that if I just tossed it in the bushes instead of taking it to my car 5 blocks away would constitute planting a weapon. So I walked. On my next trip I had a repair tech with me. I still could not have my knife, but he was let in with hammers, box cutters, screw drivers, wire cutters.....But rules are rules.
We carry in duct knives that look like large butcher knives, Oxygen and Acetylene torches, Nitrogen, all kinds of chemicals including some acids for scale removal but apparently all they have an issue with is explosives such as gun powder. Like I said, I have been doing work out there for a number of years and carried these powder actuated guns in several times as have my employees and this was a first. Maybe it was because when we pulled the tool out of it's case, it looked like it had not been cleaned in some time :mad5 . I do know that security has tightened quite a bit lately
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