Waiting Your Turn In Robbery Situations

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Re: Waiting Your Turn In Robbery Situations


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This BK incident ended somewhat better than another Florida BK incident from some years ago.

In that one a BG teenager with a Bryco .380 was robbing the counter.

A Florida CHL, GG, with a Glock 9mm, drew on him and told him to put down the gun.

The BG immediately put about 3 shots of .380 into the GG, who returned fire and killed the perp.

The GG was quite perforated with the .380's and had to spend a lot of hospital time before getting home.

Lesson learned from that one: Don't issue commands to an armed BG. Just rock your Glock.

The above was my comment from 2013, regarding a robbery in progress at the counter of a Burger King in South Florida.

NEVER give a bad guy a verbal warning. Just open up on him with all the accuracy and rounds you can muster.
This bad guy was given a verbal command by the GG. How did the GG get repaid? With 3 rounds of .380 from
the BG's bottom feeder Bryco, and a long hospital stay to put his body back together.

With regards to the Wichita Falls, Texas c-store video this link references: the 2 GG's were at a distinct disadvantage,
due to not facing the robbers, and being prone on the floor. They visually were unable to see where the BG's were,
plus, even if they were armed, they would have had to draw on 2 drawn guns, FROM THE FLOOR. They did not engage,
and luckily their lives were spared.

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