Pistol/revolver rack for gun safe

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Re: Pistol/revolver rack for gun safe


Post by Beiruty » Sun May 20, 2012 12:35 am

Charles L. Cotton wrote:I use "traditional" pistol racks in my gun safe for my automatics. This is the type of rack that has the pistol stored in the muzzle-up position. This doesn't work very well for revolvers, because of the varying length from the top strap to the bottom of the grip. I've used various type of racks for revolvers, but I never was very happy. I decided to try pegboard and dowel rods and that has worked very well.

I used the heavier pegboard; i.e. 1/4" thickness and 1/4" holes. I cut the pegboard to go across the full width of the safe. I then screwed an "L" bracket on either end of the pegboard to hold it upright until I got the revolvers on it. I then cut 1/4" dowel rods for each revolver so that the dowel rod would go about 2" to 3" into the barrel, except for the "snubs" that got 1 1/2" dowels.

This seems to be the best rack/system I've tried. It's easy to set the height of the dowel rod to fit each individual revolver, simply by sticking it in a higher or lower hole. It's equally easy to set the gap between guns. You can also put shorter revolvers in front of longer ones, such as storing a 2" S&W under and in front of a 6" Model 29. Essentially, you're using the same square footage twice. (I know, there three autos in the rack. :lol: )

It's cheap, easy, flexible and the dowel rods have no chance of harming the barrel.

Soon it would look like my Bro's safe:

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