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Post by mojo84 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:13 pm

Safe Space No Trigger Zone. It's no longer just the millennials and college students. ... aks-campus
Instead of simply not attending the lecture, Georgetown students placed a "trigger warning" sign outside of the auditorium, advising that the speech would "contain discussions of sexual assault and may deny the experiences of survivors."

The trigger warning also came with directions to a "safe space" for anyone who might be traumatized by Sommers' views, Gallagher reported.

And Oberlin students didn't just protest Sommers' speech last night, they got a jump on the trigger warnings, putting up signs days ahead of time, Gallagher stated.

"While they were creating safe spaces and giving one another trigger warnings, campus administration provided me with two police officers who were sort of my bodyguards," Sommers said. "So I think they felt I wasn't very safe among the 'safe spacers.'"
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