GRIT Podcast closing down.

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GRIT Podcast closing down.


Post by G.A. Heath » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:40 pm

Every time I think I am ready to fire up the mic and record a podcast I have been unable to do so as something seems to always pop up. The level of complexity in my life seems to grow at an exponential rate and as a result I have had to acknowledge that I will not be podcasting for some time. To that end I am shutting down the website and podcast. I have already found someone I trust to properly use the domain to advance Texans Gun Rights and on Friday I will begin the process to transfer it to them. You guys here on this forum made the podcast possible and I want to thank you for that and apologize for not giving you more. If you want any of the content I suggest you get it before Friday. I would recommend that everyone listen to Episode 10 which was recorded when the podcast was the Open Carry Report. The guests for that Episode included our own Charles Cotton and TSRA's Alice Tripp and the leader of a 3 letter organization that I shall not name. While the episode's subject may no longer be relevant you can see some of the logic of people who got Open Carry and Campus Carry passed as well as some that claimed to have done it.

The Podcast was an excellent experience but I have to adjust things and move on. Thanks for all your help and consideration folks. I would like to thank Charles Cotton specifically for being a great guest and encouraging me with the podcast. More than that I want to thank him for helping me and anyone that would pay attention learn more about politics, advocacy, and being a statesman.

I will not be leaving the state or the forum, but I do see myself becoming less active as things progress. With that in mind I will be changing my avatar and signature lines in the days ahead to reflect that I will no longer be podcasting.
I am also a Gun guy, Car Guy, and Computer Guy and a currently former podcaster.

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Re: GRIT Podcast closing down.


Post by Jusme » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:48 pm

G.A. Heath, I am sorry to hear that you are "handing over the reins" so to speak. I have enjoyed your podcasts, and even though I was late to the party, I have listened, to most of them, I think.

I fully understand, how life gets in the way sometimes, I have been almost non-existent, on here for the past couple of weeks.(I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but I was seriously "jonesing for my TexasCHLForum fix)

I hope that you do appear on here as often as possible, I always enjoy your posts. :tiphat:
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