GoFundMe campaign for Alamo cannons

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GoFundMe campaign for Alamo cannons


Post by ELB » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:46 pm

Ran across this at Instapundit. From the Gofundme link:
At the Alamo, we have been trusted with seven of the 21 cannons from the battle – but they need TLC. We are inviting all Texans and those who love the history of Texas independence to join us as we clean, repair and preserve these precious artifacts of our great state.

Preservation work will be performed in partnership with the Texas A&M University Conservation Research Lab in College Station, Texas. The cannons will be sent to the lab at Texas A&M two at a time, and upon their return, will be re-installed at the Alamo for visitors to continue to enjoy.

All donations go toward conservation efforts for the battle cannons, and any funds received in addition to our goal will be placed in a restricted fund for the preservation of more Alamo artifacts.
More at the link:
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Re: GoFundMe campaign for Alamo cannons


Post by Vol Texan » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:41 pm

I heard something from my wife about this earlier in the week.

I don't know the validity of the claims on the site below - I've not really done my homework just yet. But it seems that there is a concern that the Alamo refurbishment is really heading in a bad direction.

A second Texas Revolution is currently brewing in the Lone Star State. This all comes as a result of a seemingly laudable plan promoted to and passed by the state's legislature some four years ago. The plan involved the rebuilding and improvement of the state's most iconic shrine—the Alamo. The plan as promoted and approved would have rebuilt certain historic structures present at the time of the 1836 battle, as well as give visitors there a better and more complete understanding of the physical environment existing at the time of the conflict.

Consequent to the plan's passage, Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush, whose office is now in charge of running the Alamo, brought in a number of out-of-state planners to design the project. What they came up with was something very different from what its backers originally envisioned. Much to their dismay, the originators of this effort were astounded to learn that the new focus of the Alamo would no longer be the 1836 battle for which it is world famous. In the words of Bush's Master Planner George Skarmeas, "We cannot single out one moment in time."

Instead the Alamo would be transformed into a multi-cultural hodgepodge of world history. In fact, its very name would be changed. The site would no longer be referred to as the Alamo—instead, it would be known as the San Antonio de Valero Mission. And this does not comprise the full extent of the plan's disturbing features. Instead of rebuilding the mission's outer-perimeter defensive walls using the original limestone as has been done at the other four San Antonio missions, the Alamo's walls would be constructed of modern-day see-through German-made glass.

Other bizarre aspects by the designers are also present, including a tree-lined body of flowing water coursing through the middle of the site's Main Plaza complete with tables, chairs, and canopies under which tourists may sip their drinks in comfort. In short, the effect will be more reminiscent of a modern-day tourist theme park than that of a hallowed and sacred battleground.
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Re: GoFundMe campaign for Alamo cannons


Post by JustSomeOldGuy » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:00 pm

I'm going to have to award this plan the dreaded <DOUBLE Facepalm>. :banghead:
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