Is Deviancy The New Norm?

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Is Deviancy The New Norm?


Post by Abraham » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:04 pm

When I was a kid certain kinds of exppresive behavior was considered deviant, but for reasons beyond my understanding, what was once considered deviant has been legitimized i.e., men wearing women's clothing, makeup and faux female behavior... "hey, what kind of prude are you" (me) if Larry or Tom dresses up with full makeup, affected hip swinging and wearing a ball gown, it's no big deal.

The list of what was once considered deviant has changed, ....for the most part.

Nambla and it's philosophy has it's champions, but mostly folks still frown upon child sexual predation, but I don't care to walk into a business and the see obviously male service people pretending to be other than male...or vice versa.

Are you so "hip" it' ok with you?

Me, I think a lot of what's considered "hip" now is an acceptance of...if not deviancy, a certain kind of 'madness' like pretending not to notice the emperors new clothes.

I can't be part of this.

If you look, act, appear to be a clown of some sort, I'm not going to go along and pretend seeing you and your infantile behavior as normal.

I will not ignore you.

I'll laugh and afford you zero credibility as a fellow human being.

What say you about this sort of thing?

P.S. PC isn't one of my strong suits.

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Re: Is Deviancy The New Norm?


Post by Grundy1133 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:33 pm

I completely agree with you... like the old saying goes "What is popular is not always right. And what is right is not always popular." just because the majority of society deems something acceptable doesn't mean it's right. This kind of debauchery has been around since biblical times but never has it been so accepted and mainstream as it is today. I think if you decide you want to dress up as a purple unicorn and gallop around, by all means it's within your rights to do so, but be prepared to be ridiculed and heckled. Society has made everyone so scared of offending anyone that that kind of behavior is acceptable because there's no repercussions for acting that way. The main reason kids are so hateful and disrespectful now a days is because of lack of repercussion and consequences for their actions. you smart off to your parents, you get your butt busted and you think "wow i better not do that again" but now a days you smart off to your parents and the parents get all butt hurt and need to go to their "happy place safe zone" to re-cooperate because a 3 year old was mean to them... its ridiculous.
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Re: Is Deviancy The New Norm?


Post by skeathley » Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:02 pm

I once had a brother-in-law who was gay. In response to the cultural perception that he was not normal, he used to say, "who gets to define what is normal?".

I never verbalized this to him (he was a relative), but my response would be, mathematics defines it. If more than 50% of people are gay/trans/whatever, then that qualifies as normal. If not, not.

I am not rude or condescending to people who are not like me (except liberals), but I don't accept them as normal, unless they hit 51%. It's just math.

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