Suppressor build success

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Re: Suppressor build success


Post by TreyHouston » Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:01 pm

I have a friend that makes these often for a major online retailer. He produces a insane amount of these on several CNC machines. They are amazing and very well done. only the tube and end caps are for sale. If you know of a way to move them, please let me know. I am asking $65 ea and offer volume discounts OBO. the sell on "salt and pepper" (hint) for $85 I can ship for $5 PayPal, or I can meet you if you are in Houston for multiple. also willing to trade multiples for ....

here are the specs:
1/2-28 inside thread (he does make others)
Length of tube without caps: 8.25 in
ID: 1.35 in- 34.2 mm
The material is aluminum 6063-T6

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Re: Suppressor build success


Post by der Teufel » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:55 pm

A bit of follow-up:

I got the suppressor together, and shot it on my AR-10 and my 300 BLK, putting several hundred rounds through it over a period of several weeks. At first the POI kept shifting as the components packed together. Following Andy's advice I had cut the initial spacer a little long, so I had some threads left to tighten things up. I've actually used up all the slack I had available so I'm going to add a little more spacer soon. Meanwhile it's shooting more consistently, and I've learned a few more things.

The primary use of this suppressor is hog hunting. However, I kept missing the hogs at which I was aiming. Sometimes I'd miss a hog that was less than 100 yards distant by a couple of feet! I'd sight in the suppressor, put the rifle in the truck, and then drive around the property. Sometimes I'd drive back and forth several times across the place (700 acres) over a day or two. I think the bouncing around in the truck caused the POI to shift (we're talking not just dirt roads, but next to NO road in places). Lately I've shot the AR-10, then mounted the suppressor, and put the rounds within an inch of where the rifle shot w/o the suppressor. I've also shot the suppressor on consecutive days, taking care to remove and re-install it, and the rifle shoots to the same place. My conclusion, just mounting the suppressor doesn't change the POI significantly. The next experiment will be to wait until I see some hogs, then mount the suppressor and see if I can hit anything. I'm thinking that should work.

Another thing — I wondered if I might be having baffle strikes. I took the suppressor apart several times and couldn't see evidence of strikes, but close examination of the holes I drilled in the baffles showed that some were just a little irregular. Using a 300 BLK round as a gauge, I came up with this method for comparison:


This photo shows that the holes were not all exactly the same size, or weren't perfectly round. I used a round file to 'polish' the holes until they were all pretty much identical. There were still some slight differences, so I 'graded' the baffles and installed the slightly larger ones toward the distal end of the suppressor so that the bullet encountered larger openings as it traveled.

As for noise suppression, it's pretty impressive. It REALLY quiets the AR-10. The 300 BLK isn't as loud to begin with so the reduction is less noticeable. Still, when I shoot subsonic ammo I can hear the bullet hit the target! Suppressed ammo with the Blackout sounds like shooting a .22. Nice!

I'll still experiment a little with carrying/driving around with the suppressor mounted, but for the near term I'll just wait to put it on until I'm getting ready to shoot a hog. We'll see how that works out.
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Re: Suppressor build success


Post by AndyC » Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:10 pm

Sounds great :hurry: :cheers2:
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