Good scope for 30-06?

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Re: Good scope for 30-06?


Post by Xyronl » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:28 am

Depending upon the rifle, you might go with a 4x16 from a reputable manufacturer (leupold, bushnell, zeiss, ect) I am fond of Carl Zeiss optics myself .. but I have been experimenting recently with the Russian Veber lightmaster scopes, which are made using lens grinding and polishing technology captured from Zeiss manufacturing facilities at the end of the second world war. The piece that I am working with at the moment is a 4x16 with mil-dots, and it has taken one of my rifles from 3" groups at 100 yards to dime-sized groups ... 1/8" moa adjustments vs 1/4" adjustments is a great selling point
Another good selling point is that this scope, if made by Leupold would cost $1300 or more (and still be 1/4" moa), but cost me only $225. Also,Nikon makes good stuff--ProStaff, Buckmaster, and Monarch are all good lines (and that's lowest-highest price). I would also vote 3-9 with largest objective lens you can get (35mm being as small as I would go and 42 mm being as large as you can go without needing to raise the scope--nothing is wrong with a 50mm objective lens, but keep in mind that you won't be able to cheek the rifle naturally since the scope is higher). Nikon has a bullet drop reticle that can show you where your bullet will drop at 200,400 yards. Good Luck

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