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F Y I ( If this is good enough for a friend, then it's worth sharing !)

Some thing different, some thing new ?!

Good luck in your search !

Snip: Mike has already done a tour with DYNCORP .. this will be his second job/tour. Snip:

Working for a company called MPRI ( http://www.mpri.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ). Below is the job description that may further clarify the mission. This mission is designed to disrupt criminal activities (read; terrorist networks) by interrupting IED-based organizations. The approach is to embed U.S. law enforcement personnel at the Battalion level, through Division or even Corp levels. Working on the military playing field, the LEO looks at it from a criminal aspect, whereas the military is normally tasked with killing whatever is in front of them.

As an embed, we are assigned to a specific military organization, either already in theater or in the states waiting to deploy. Waiting to deploy may involve staging with the soon-to-be activated unit, so I could end up in Hawaii, CA, NC, etc or Italy or Germany with a unit there.

On top of an exciting mission, I could conceivably come back and do this mission state-side at a local military base; 29 Palms MCB is one hour away and Camp Pendleton MCB is two hours away. My friend who recruited me to this position said that I could easily swing these positions AFTER I finish one mission.

This is a good thing. Time line is I will be in Alexandria, VA on August 27th. September 4th I go to Ft. Benning, GA for processing (did it before with the other operation and this was a long, lonely week). After that, they determine if I (or the others) are embedding with a state-side unit and if so transfer there. Otherwise, onto Ali Al Salim AB, Kuwait for distribution to either sunny Iraq or snowy Afghanistan. I am rooting for A-stan; i hear it is a lot like Big Bear Lake.

BTW, this job normally attracts FBI, DEA and other federal investigators. I am going to working outside my class for sure.

Additional Information: If you are interested in this or other MPRI positions COMPLETE OR UPDATE our Individual Information Form (IIF) and indicating this postion as one of interest. You can obtain a link to the IIF by clicking the link at the top of this page or through the link on our career page. +++ If you meet the criteria we will contact you via email with further instructions. +++ DO NOT SEND RESUMES unless specifically requested by separate email. +++ Former military personnel should be prepared to provide service documentation such as DD Form 214, ERB, or ORB upon request. +++ Be advised that evidence of U.S. Citizenship, Permanent Residence Status, Visa, and Work Authorization is required. Non-U.S. Persons will be required to provide specific personal information in order for L-3 to obtain U.S. Government Export Authorization to access classified and/or controlled technical data.
Requirements: Must be a US citizen in possession of a current US Tourist Passport, and able to communicate in fluent English. Must have a minimum of (8) years experience as a detective/investigator with a large metropolitan police department (or equivalent state or county police department), or experience investigating narcotics violations, violent crimes, and/or homicides. Eight (8) or more years law enforcement experience identifying and investigating structire, methods, and behaviors of organized crime networks, gangs, terrorist organizations, drug organizations and/or public corruption is desirable. A portions of the required eight (8) years experience may be substituted by a combination of other experience including military service, task force assignments, language, bomb technician experience, forensic certification or expertise, and experience in utilization of sophisticated investigative techniques. Five (5) or more years of supervisory experience at the rank of lieutenant (or equivalent investigative experience) within a large metropolitan police department (or equivalent state or county police department) investigating prominent criminal or gang network activities is also desirable. Must be in good health and fitness to deploy globally, to include harsh non-permissive environments. Must possess an unblemished law enforcement background. Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
Locations: AFGHANISTAN ();IRAQ ();
Clearance: Must have the ability to obtain a SECRET Clearance. For additional information on security clearance eligibility go to the Defense Security Service website (http://www.dss.mil/psco/denial_interim_ ... pplic.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)
Position Description: MPRI is supporting the Defense Department's Joint Improvised Explosive device defeat organization (JIEDDO) embed Law Enforcement Professionals (LEP) in the US Army and marine units deployed to Operation Iraqi freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). LEPs assist US Army and Marine units by applying a law enforcement counter-criminal perspective to the execution of counterinsurgency operations relevant to the supported battalion's area of responsibility in Iraq or Afghanistan. Plan, deliver, and lead training on street-level counter- gang investigative tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) in a war fighting environment. Accompany mounted and dismounted patrols on street-level operations in hostile threat environments within the supported battalion's area of operation to instruct and mentor on appropriate law enforcement TTPs, and to provide immediate feedback and assistance. Assist unit staffs in the compilation and analysis of information about organized criminal groups, and advise in the investigative direction, attack and neutralization of complex criminal groups and insurgency.
Salary: Negotiable based on experience and qualifications.
Benefits: We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package that includes health, dental, life insurance, direct deposit and more

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