Trump health chief supports CDC research on gun violence

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Re: Trump health chief supports CDC research on gun violence


Post by rotor » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:21 pm

You start with a psychologically impaired male.

You have media reports of school shootings with an AR15, multiple magazines.

You have a psychologically impaired male that wants to be a copycat shooter.

The defect of course is the psychologically impaired male for which there will always be such people no matter what we do.

Politicians only address the weapon because there is NO way to stop or pre-identify the psychologically impaired male.

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Re: Trump health chief supports CDC research on gun violence


Post by Ruark » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:33 pm

These issues and incidents emanate not from a single issue such as the availability of guns or ADHD meds; it's symptomatic of our society's moral deterioration. I remember when kids kept shotguns in their lockers to do some dove hunting after school. When many people didn't even HAVE a key to their front doors. When "drugs" were something you got at the pharmacy. When the milkman would come into your kitchen and put the milk and eggs in your refrigerator if you weren't home. When you saw 200 bicycles parked in front of a grade school. When it was unheard of to ask for ID when somebody wrote a check. Kids' heroes were people like Mickey Mantle or Thomas Edison, instead of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. All gone. We're not that "good" any more as a people. But of course nobody talks about these things; they might offend somebody, or acquire some social label that could cost them their job, or worse.

I remember being a kid and sitting on the front porch with my grandad or one of his brothers, all born back in the 1800s and went through the Depression and two world wars. I thought they were kinda silly, as they wistfully commented on how the world was going to crap, and everything and everybody was just going plain crazy. Now I sit on my front porch thinking the same thing.

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