State Rep. District 121 runoff election, Matt Beebe

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State Rep. District 121 runoff election, Matt Beebe


Post by O.F.Fascist » Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:24 pm

Matt Beebe sounds like a true supporter of gun rights, where as his opponent sounds like an old guard RINO who would support more restrictions. ... 813460.php
Allison, a longtime friend of Straus, believes police have a right to order anyone who is openly carrying a gun in public to produce a license for the firearm. Beebe, a tea-party backed conservative who twice opposed Straus in the primary, sees that as a violation of the Constitution. (In Texas, licenses are required for handguns but not long guns.)

“I do think (police) have a right to ask to see a license where there’s a weapon involved,” Allison said on Friday. “Particularly with the increased concern over school shootings and terrorism, I think the police have to have the right to protect themselves and us.”

Beebe disagreed.

“That is not what our Constitution says, and I absolutely support the constitutional view that we are not to be subject to search and seizure when all we are doing is carrying out lawful acts,” he said. “Unless you suspect me of a crime … you’re starting to breach those Fourth Amendment rights that I have.”

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