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by stroo
Thu May 10, 2007 11:59 am
Forum: 2007 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: New Thread - Discussion of Pending Bills
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As I read the updates, my impression is that nothing is going to be passed this session beyond the Castle Doctrine bill. Is that right?

On eliminating Gun Free Zones, the more I have thought about it, it probably is impossible to eliminate all gun free zones. However it seems to me that the only gun free zones we should even possibly have are ones where there are metal detectors and armed security. Plus the entity imposing the gun free zone ought to accept liability for any violence that takes place with in the zone. That undoubtedly is going to cause a lot of issues with business, but frankly if a business wants to take away my ability to protect myself, it ought to take on the responsibility. To do so, it needs metal detectors to keep all guns out, armed guards to end any violence quickly and liability if it fails to prevent violence.

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