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by Jason K
Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:58 pm
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Topic: Open Carry at Business
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Re: Open Carry at Business

Keith B wrote:
jocat54 wrote:Just curious.....why couldn't I as a property owner say or give another control of said property.

Which brings up another question in my mind.........if wife and I are both on the property who is in control of the premises? (nevermind I really do know ther answer to that) :mrgreen:
It is a gray area. The question comes down to how many people can be in control of the property at one time. There is no case law or AG opinion that I am aware of. So, you could argue that both people carrying were in control of the premises, but if that other person owned it and was there with you, then as a DA wanting to prosecute for an Unlawful Carry charge I would argue that the owner was actually the one in control and would override any control you really had.
Even if the person carrying is a representative of the owner?.....

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