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by Jusme
Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:19 am
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Topic: Ultimate survival a the movies
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Re: Ultimate survival a the movies

I agree with most of the posts in that I very rarely go to movie theaters but I have a teenage son who likes to go to the movies with his girlfriend. I have instilled a lot of situational awareness, identifying exits, watching for suspicious people, not zoning out with cell phone video games etc..
However his girlfriend has had almost no discussions regarding these issues from anyone but me when she has joined us on outings.
I am going to share this with my son and encourage him to discuss these issues with his girlfriend. These tips not only apply to movie theaters, but concert venues, sporting events etc..
Thanks for posting this and while for many of us it may seem like preaching to the choir, these things can be passed on to others in our circle of friends and family.

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