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by Abraham
Sat Mar 10, 2018 2:16 pm
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Topic: Carters Country!!! Dang it!
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Re: Carters Country!!! Dang it!

Years ago I bought a 12 gauge Browning Over and Under Citori with a schnable for end with a 24 "inch barrel with the Invector Choke System. No small dollars for such a gun...

It was to be a dove and quail gun.

The sales person acted bored and bothered with my purchase.

It was at that point - I thought I'll be going elsewhere for further gun purchases. And no, I didn't take hours to make up my mind. I said, please show me that o/u and bought it, there and then. Took, hhmmm 5 minutes to make up mind.

And no, I didn't expect balloons and exhortations of elation from the sales staff for my purchase, but boredom and vague annoyance, well adios forever...

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