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by Wallace Dunn
Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:57 pm
Forum: The "Waiting Room"
Topic: Instructor Application Submitted
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Re: Instructor Application Submitted

Yeah you probably have a 6 month wait until a class opens up for you. At least. I spoke personally to the Director of the DPS RSD at a conference I attended April 1st. There was only one more class scheduled for 2017 and that was coming in May. There will be no more Instructor classes until after t...
by Wallace Dunn
Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:13 pm
Forum: Never Again!!
Topic: A True Accidental Shooting
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Re: A True Accidental Shooting

If you have a firearm on you, you should have a tourniquet on you. Period. Does anyone (everyone) do this? Should we? I always have a basic first aid kit in all of my vehicles, but I don't think any have a tourniquet. The Texas Concealed Handgun Association is having a class on First Aid at their c...
by Wallace Dunn
Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:52 pm
Forum: CHL Checklist
Topic: $17.50 Mistake
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Re: $17.50 Mistake

I would have called the bank and dispute the charge. Explain them you have been the victim of a phishing site, provide the link and other information like e-mail, phone etc. if needed. In addition you want to contact the author of the pohisching site and let them know. :tiphat: If you paid with a V...
by Wallace Dunn
Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:04 pm
Forum: The Crime Blotter
Topic: Florida CHL Holder kills suspect fighting deputy
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Re: Florida CHL Holder kills suspect fighting deputy

Philosophical question here. Lets say the rolls are reversed. You pull up and a cop is wailing on a civilian. Has his baton out and is just pulverizing someone. They are on the ground, defenseless. What do you do? Man, I understand your question and where you're coming from, but it's really REALLY ...

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